Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Critter Kind of Day

Today has been a critter kind of day. Walked out of the house this morning to find this cricket crawling up the screen door. Of course I had to take a picture and then set the camera down outside by the fish pond.

After lunch as I was walking out the sliding door from the kitchen to the sunroom, I discovered that a small spider was building a gorgeous web across the doorway. Of course I needed a picture and the camera was outside so I walked around the web and out to the fish pond.

Where I discovered that there was a tiny frog using my camera! Since he was busy with it I had to find another camera (yay cell phones!!) to take his picture taking my picture. Unfortunately I wasn't very successful taking a good picture of the tiny spider when the frog was finally done with my camera.

The Orb Weaver who has been outside for at least a month now is getting huge! I understand she'll deposit eggs later this fall and then die. I'll miss her. Reid and I spent his evenings here a couple of weeks ago watching her catch bugs. It was tons more fun than watching TV. I'll post pictures of her another day.

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