Thursday, February 04, 2010

My Creative Space

Last night I enjoyed looking at everyone's Creative Spaces for this week and now, this morning, it's finally Thursday where I live (Olympic Peninsula in Washington state) and I'd like to share my Creative Space.

This week my creative space has moved into the sun room, though I use the term lightly--it's been raining the last several days so it's not very sunny in the sun room. But Cheddar, the cat, likes sleeping in there anyway, especially if there's plenty of tissue paper to curl up on.

 Yesterday my quilt group came over and I got out stuff to play with making fabric paper and we all crinkled tissue paper, stamped, painted and laughed, and came up with some pretty interesting pieces. Hopefully they'll work some of them into some of their wall hangings. I want to work play some more today and perhaps make a journal cover out of one of my pieces that I'm particularly happy with.

(All the boy cats you see who have adopted me have to stay outside, but they have dry hidey holes to go to if they want to get out of the rain.)

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At 12:57 , Blogger Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Love your sunroom! I have a small one too but it's too cold out there now to do anything! Sounds like ya'll had a good time! (and I jumped the gun and posted on Wed 'cause it was Thurs for nearly everyone else!)

At 21:40 , Blogger Amanda said...

the snake looks great!

At 00:46 , Blogger Kirsty said...

Your sunroom is great even without the sun. We really need rain here so the wet at your place is lovely.

At 13:52 , Blogger Susan L (lily40au) said...

i love getting together to work on something as a group ... it's always interesting to see the results. great sunroom too ... it's so nice to be able to see outside as you work.


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