Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year

I started to post last night, but we lost our network connection about the time I wrote the Title, so I turned off the computer and went to bed. I plan to write everyday even if it's just to report the couple of things I want to accomplish each day.

I've started a 2010 Resolutions document that I want to be ongoing through the year. One of the things on it that I want to report each day is how many steps I've taken that day wearing a pedometer. This is actually a category that includes walking, yoga and other exercising to help lose weight and feel better. So. . .

Steps recorded: 11,346
Can't believe I hit that many steps as I took two short (10 minute or so) power naps yesterday. But then I did spend a lot of time running up and down the stairs going after things I forgot to bring with me.

I belong to an Art Quilt Group and we have decided to challenge ourselves to doing something creative everyday this coming year. There are also several online groups that I read who have a similar challenge going, so I'm going to partake of the cues, ideas and inspirations. There are so many new things that I want to try and so many things already on my project list that this seems like a wonderful project to get things done this year.

Today's creative activities:

So, on January 1, I did the first step in Diana Trout's article, Color Wheel Journal Quilt: a mixed-media approach, from the January/February 2010 Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. I painted 18 five by five and a half pieces of water color paper with watercolors and then tried lifting the wet paint with different things. Some worked better than others. Some I'm happier with than others. Some turned out better than I thought they were going to. None of them show up very well in the photo, but I had fun doing them. I'm not sure I'll do the rest of the steps in the article, but I may.

Then I made a stamp for Reid. I wrote out his name using the bubble style lettering I made up for myself when I was in 6th grade a hundred years ago. Haven't tried it out yet as the glue was still wet last night. I'll try it out later today.


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