Saturday, January 02, 2010

A Quiet Day

My friend Shelia had some questions about the accounting and the kitten database at Kitten Rescue where we both volunteer so I ran in and spent a couple of hours there with her this afternoon. We were ecstatic that we figured out how to rename the new copy of the database for 2010.

Just looked at the Kitten Rescue website and the little guy, Joseph, who is the featured kitty right this minute got adopted today while I was in working with Shelia. Wahoo!! He's such a cutie.

Steps Today: 5,464
That's a more realistic figure for me than the 11,000 yesterday. I was keeping track in the hopes of working up to 10,000 every day. I guess yesterday the vacuuming I did helped boost the count up. Tomorrow I promised my friend Kathie that I'd go walking and report back to her how long I walked and what interesting things I saw along the way. Should be a fun way to get out walking. There are always interesting things or shapes to see in the woods. I live too far out in the boonies to really find someone to meet up with to walk everyday, so maybe this will get us both going. Told her I'd walk even if it was raining.

Today's Creativity:
I didn't get much done in the way of creativity today, though I did try out the stamp I made for Reid last night and was tickled at how it came out. I think he'll enjoy it. I'll get a picture of some of the stamping I did with it tomorrow. I forgot earlier and am now sitting in bed.

I also studied the little pieces of watercolor paper I painted yesterday to try and decide if I wanted to go on with the project, and if so, how I wanted to use them in the project.


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