Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Busier than yesterday

I'm reporting on yesterday. It got to be late and all the computers shut themselves down so I didn't blog last night.

Steps taken: 9926
This looks like a lot more than I thought I took, but I was busy and put the pedometer on fairly early.

Creative play today: Well, not really anything. We had a weevil invasion in the bake room and took the morning to thoroughly clean all the cabinets and appliances in there. Then Punkin had a vet appointment so that meant a trip into town with a stop at the library thrown in for good measure.

Today is my volunteer day so I'm off to Kitten Rescue and hopefully the library. I spent my whole day at Kitten Rescue last week and didn't get to the library and they also have end of the year projects that need to be done. And if I have time I'll stop in at the Senior Center to see if there's any movement on February's newsletter yet.

More this evening.


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