Wednesday, January 06, 2010

TroubleMakers at My House

Had a fun day with the TroubleMakers today. There were only eight of us plus I invited Kathie. Marv made a wonderful turkey breast on the grill and I did up a big plain salad. Shelia made a scrumptious apple pie and Jo brought tangerines. Most everyone worked on projects except Shelia and Linda. Well, they worked on a project only it was a jigsaw puzzle. I was going to make fabric paper with everyone, but they were all talking and working on things so I decided to not get the mess out. Now I have a nice stash of Steam-a-Seam2 to play with. Maybe I'll have Annie over one day to play. She wasn't able to make it today because she had to take Bill to the Dr. He's on antibiotics now and the Dr. is watching him. His lungs aren't in good shape and he was coughing up a storm Annie said.

Steps Today: 14,455
Wow! That's great. Kathie stayed after everyone else had gone today and we took a walk. I think the walk was around 3,000 steps for me. We were gone about half an hour. I was really good today about eating except for a piece of pie. Well, I had two half pieces so I had some twice, but pretty small pieces. And no other snacks. And I've tracked for the last day and a half. Since I start my tracking at the dinner meal I've tracked two dinners, but only one breakfast and lunch so far.

Creativity Today:
Well, I did get out the rooster quilt today and picked the next couple pieces of fabric for it and got one of them appliqued down. And I brought out the piece of Thai silk Alice gave me for Christmas and talked with the TroubleMakers about what to do with it. Still need to study on that one for awhile, which is ok since I have so many other projects to catch up on. And I put rosy cheeks on Esther's snowmen on her applique snowman quilt. It's a block of the month but she's making it into two smaller quilts. I'm working on the same project, but I'm not nearly done. She's got one of the halves mostly together already. I think I may split mine into two, also. One for Reid and one for Elsa.

I have some pictures of the boy cats enjoying a treat that I need to download. We just about finished the turkey noodle soup tonight at dinner and it needed to be gone, so Marv gave the little that was left to the boy cats and they were so cute all busy scarfing it down. I'll try and remember to download the pictures and put one up here.


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