Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grandkids--what a joy!

I know I've been a deadbeat blogger this year, but I finally had to share a note about our youngest granddaughter. She's two and a half and such a hoot!! She and her brother were down for a couple of days with their Mom and we decided to let them do some sewing. Got out the embroidery hoops and let them pick some fabric. Elsa wanted to "sew first." Didn't really pay any attention as they could both sew at the same time. Had her poke her fabric with her needle and pull it through the other side. Poke and pull. Poke and pull. Finally she asked why we were poking the fabric. Pointing to my sewing machine she informed me she wanted to sew and she wanted to sew first. None of this poking the fabric business for her!!


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