Monday, August 17, 2009

A Grouse in the House!!

Yesterday evening we all waved good bye to Reid's Mommy and sister, and as they drove down the driveway Marv accidentally dropped a carboy he was putting away. Glass shattered all over the garage floor. Shooed Reid inside so he wouldn't get cut on the glass and turned to help Marv clean up. As I turned, something large flew past me and I heard a loud noise. Looked back toward the house and saw that the screen in the top of the screen door had been torn out. Went in and looked around and saw a huge bird wandering around in the house! It flew (jumped?) down to the dining room and tried to fly up to the top of the rock wall there. It ended up by the wood stove and got into the area under the stove. I got it out of there with a broom, opened the window and tried to get it to fly out. It kept trying to jump up, but finally got its head under the sofa and just kind of thought it was safe. Marv came in about that point, picked it up and put it out the window. The cats were going nuts while it was under the wood stove but I managed to chase them off. Looked the bird up in the bird book and have determined that it was a grouse. It was as big or bigger than the cats. What an experience! It's a good story today. Would have been funnier yesterday if it hadn't happened so close on the heels of Marv dropping the carboy. I'm just sorry I didn't get pictures.