Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Wednesday

Well, Marv's been gone for three days now and the house is still in one piece and my Dad and I haven't starved to death yet. He called this evening from Michael's ice cream parlor in Madison, WI, with a waffle cone in his hand (and mouth!). What a brat! Wish he could bring some home. He said he had decided to go on to Gretchen's yet this evening. It's three hours to her house from Madison so he should be there by 11 her time-9 our time.

My Dad and I went to Annie's this morning where Annie and I worked on our Maple Leaves quilt tops. I think I've decided that my cheese cloth idea is not going to work so I'm going to make some paper fabric with muslin, tissue paper, paint and sparkly thread to use for my leaves. We're supposed to have them done by July 13 when Lynn is coming up to trade pieces. We're hoping maybe she can come up on the 15th instead and join us at TroubleMakers.

Here's a picture of a corner of Lynn's leaves:

Coming home today there were two deer in the driveway. They ran down the drive and around a curve and disappeared. We've been having a raccoon visiting the boy cats outside. Luckily the cats seem to ignore him, but he eats all of their food. The raccoons are really cute, but so annoying! I keep chasing him off, but he's not real afraid of me.

It's almost time for bed. I'm hoping Marv will call when he arrives at Gretchen's. Hope he has a good time with Gwynyn and Owen.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Good Day to Begin

Yesterday I thought would be a good day to finally start a blog so I went looking around and discovered I had actually started two! I decided to resurrect this one because I'm not sure the site I have the other one on will continue to be available without some moving things around. I probably won't post every day, but hope to post more often than once every two years!

Well, it was cleaning day yesterday so that meant walking through the woods to toss the cat poo and there are always interesting things to spot in the woods. I found I have two barber's pole plants (Allotropa virgata) this year. They're kind of scarey looking in a green forest as they're pure white with red stripes, but they're interesting. I've had as many as 10 of them in past years, but this year it looks like only two. Then there was the teeny tiny male fir cone that had gotten caught in some spider silk and was suspended about eye level in the middle of the driveway.

And the interesting moth that I haven't had a chance to identify yet.

Later Marv found an almost perfect sphere of an old (emphasis on 'old') wasp nest that was gorgeous, so I saved it for the grandkids to take a look at.

Then there were the other happenings: Marv cut his finger pretty badly on a grinder while he was cutting nails out of boards to reuse on the deck. They're trim boards and still in good shape and he didn't want to try and replicate Art's craftsmanship. After we got that bandaged up, George the cat (but he prefers to be called Handsome) showed up walking on three legs. Made a vet appointment for him (notice we take the cat in, but put Marvin back to work?), but before we left, Marv managed to make a current nest of wasps angry and one of them stung him on the lip. Poor guy!! He looked like he had bucked teeth on one side with the swelling. When we got home from town he went straight to bed for a nap and left me to put dinner on the table, brave soul that he is. I have really forgotten how to do this cooking thing!!